Rhoda in ‘The Bad Seed’: ‘Memba Her?!

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Mar 20, 2011 · Patty McCormack is best known for playing the suspiciously evil little girl Rhoda Penmark in the 1956 film «The Bad Seed.» Guess what she looks like now! SHARE ON FACEBOOK

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The Bad Seed is a 1954 novel by American writer William March, the last of his major works published before his death. Nominated for the 1955 National Book Award for Fiction , The Bad Seed tells the story of a mother’s realization that her young daughter has committed murder.

Author: William March

Original ‘Bad Seed’ Patty McCormack back for Lifetime remake

Patty McCormack took a 62-year detour between her Oscar-nominated turn as Rhoda Penmark, the demonic 8-year-old killer in “The Bad Seed,” and her role as psychiatrist Dr. March in Lifetime’s

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The Bad Seed is a 1956 American psychological horror-thriller film with elements of melodrama and film noir, directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack, Henry Jones, and Eileen Heckart. The film is based upon the 1954 play of the same name by Maxwell Anderson, which in turn is based upon William March’s 1954 novel The Bad Seed.

Music by: Alex North

Lifetime Movies “The Bad Seed”: Cast, Plot, and Release Date

The original Bad Seed was adapted from William March’s novel and Maxwell Anderson’s 1954 play of the same name. The 1956 thriller saw a woman named Christine …

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Sep 12, 1956 · I saw «The Bad Seed» years ago, circa 1970, for the first time, and have seen it periodically over the years. When I first saw the film, as a child, I found the film, expectedly, quite chilling. I saw it again this afternoon, after not having seen it for about three years, and still find it quite disturbing.


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William March’s 1954 thriller novel The Bad Seed, previously adapted as a stage play, saw its first screen adaptation in 1956. Directed by Mervyn LeRoy, the film version very much followed how the play had taken the story, even to the point taking a good chunk of the stage cast along for the ride.

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While the colonel is gone, Christine is left to take care of their eight year old daughter, Rhoda, on her own. Rhoda is a little princess of a girl, always wearing pretty dresses and …

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In the movie «The Bad Seed» Rhoda began the movie as portraying a perfect little girl that really loved her family. But as they say, everything that glitters isn ‘t …