Diablo 3’s Greyhollow Island looks rather creepy

Diablo 3’s Greyhollow Island looks rather creepy – VG247

Here’s a look at Diablo 3’s Adventure Mode exclusive zone, Greyhollow Island, coming with patch 2.4.0. According to Blizzard, the forested Greyhollow Island is a cursed land full of mysterious

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الباتش القادم من Diablo 3 يضم جزيرة Greyhollow Island

واحدة من المناطق الحصرية بطور لعب Adventure خلال الباتش الجديد من Diablo 3 هي جزيرة Greyhollow Island. و فقاً لشركة Blizzard فان الجزيرة واحدة من الجزر الملعونة الملئ بالكتير من الالغاز و الاسرار و التي سيكون على اللاعب الكشف عنها.

Greyhollow Island Is Absolutely Creepy In Diablo 3’s New

Greyhollow Island Is Absolutely Creepy In Diablo 3’s New Video When patch 2.4.0 rolls out next year, Diablo 3 fans can expect plenty of updates and additions to the game. But the biggest addition that most fans are looking forward to is the new zone for Adventure Mode.

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Greyhollow Island is a new zone that was added to Diablo III in Patch 2.4, January 2016. It it an outdoor area, set in the northern forests with dense groves of evergreen trees.

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Diablo 3’s Greyhollow Island looks rather creepy Here’s a look at Diablo 3’s Adventure Mode exclusive zone, Greyhollow Island, coming with patch 2.4.0. Here’s what to expect with Diablo 3

Is there anything to do on Greyhollow Island? : Diablo

The art is great, the ambiance too but is there anything specific to do on Greyhollow Island? I get that the devs wanted to tell a bit of a story on a mysterious island but it looks a little short to me. I think I explored everything: it’s just 1 level, right (where Sescheron is 2)?

Top responsesRedditRead all the tomes/lorebooks. After you’ve read them all and click on another satchel a portal opens. Through the portal you will meet the crazed man.11 votesI haven’t done it yet, but I was under the impression that what you find there is random. If you return to it after a restart, there might be different content.11 votesI found a couple of tomes there, some in the small caves, so I bet youll need a restart or two to see all, but all in all its another tileset to liven things up.4 votesIts not a full expansion its just a bit of extra area for a bit more difference in rift maps lol1 voteSee all

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Jan 15, 2016 · Now these new areas like Secheron and this Greyhollow island just feel like some small advertisements to the new Season.. I’d rather have some 1 bigger content (more meaningful to the game) once per year than few small ones every 3-6 months 🙂

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What’s Lost Should Stay Lost. Miles off the coast of Westmarch lies an island that many believe to be little more than legend. Cut off from the rest of Sanctuary’s developed civilizations, Greyhollow was once the center of a grand empire.

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The atmosphere, enemies, and gameplay of Greyhollow Island all deliver a creepy, lonely sensation designed to instill desperation in those lost among the boughs of its broken tree line. Both flora and fauna can be described as bloodthirsty, and only the most stalwart …

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Jan 13, 2016 · As for me ti was a small island with a plain 2 levels cave. I got 1-2 journal entrance about the man going mad and and the island beign avil and another 2-3 entries about new monsters. you’ll begin to unravel the mystery that’s threaded through each journal entry and event you stumble upon.

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Nereza later came to reside on Greyhollow Island. [2] [3] She was there at the inception of the civilization that formed upon the island. [4] She was worshipped as a goddess by a cult of the island’s inhabitants who would regularly perform human sacrifices to feed her.

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Greyhollow island – what makes the Ancient tower appear

It’s a side area but it’s part of the Greyhollow storyline. I haven’t completed it yet but from what I’ve been told, when you’ve read all the books/diaries in the area, a portal opens that leads you to the top of the tower where some kind of cutscene happens.