Urban Dictionary: Drop Dead Diva

Urban Dictionary: Drop Dead Diva

The worst show on television. Every episode is just horrible.

Urban Dictionary: drop dead

1) Phrase used to mean «I have no interest in listening to, speaking to, or being near you». Synonyms: «fuck off», «die». 2) To ‘zone out’ and lie immovable on the ground, often after consuming cannabis.

Urban Dictionary: Drop dead money

A character in that novel, a lady executive has the objective to have “drop dead money”. The “drop dead money” is that amount of money that she calculates she needs so that she would have the freedom and the luxury to tell anyone to “drop dead” without worrying about her financial security.

Urban Dictionary: Drop Dab

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Urban Dictionary: Drop Dead Clothing

drop dead clothing unknown A scene/ emo clothing line created and run by lead singer of deathcore band bring me the horizon hu rawk btw. He started it in 2005 i fink with only a few designs but now has alot more inc tshirts,hoodies,bags,jewrelley,shorts n shoes as his popularty has risen oh yeh its only sold on the internet at ‘iheartdropdead.com

Urban Dictionary: drop dick

You elbow the person next to you until they are unconcious on the floor, then you drop to your knees and tea bag them while raving your ass off.

Urban Dictionary: drop d

The difference of drop D from standard tuning allows for the three bass strings to form a D5 power chord, which can be shifted up or down the fretboard with a single finger (usually the index) to produce any power chord quickly and easily.Drop-D also enables the guitarist to play a step lower than in standard tuning, and many artists value this deeper, fuller sound.

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