Can ‘The Walking Dead’ Stop People From Quitting the Show?

Can ‘The Walking Dead’ Stop People From Quitting the Show

What The Walking Dead does lack for is excitement—not just from critics, but also from fans—and this half-season will be its chance to gain it back. The show can still execute a bizarre zombie

The Walking Dead’s latest death prompts fans to quit watching

Oct 24, 2016 · Watch video · This story contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. If you’re feeling traumatized by the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, you aren’t alone.

Why I’m quitting the ‘Walking Dead’ franchise – The

Why I’m quitting the ‘Walking Dead’ franchise of a zombie novel and watch “The Walking Dead” on AMC. As that show’s ratings for people who like “The Walking Dead” with whinier

The Walking Dead: The Joy of Quitting a Bad Show | Collider

So instead of The Walking Dead, I got my horror fix from Ash vs Evil Dead, which had all the gore you could want in addition to a great cast and a healthy dose of fun.

‘Walking Dead’ Director Says Fans Ditching Show Is ‘Knee

Greg Nicotero, who directed the Season 7 premiere of «The Walking Dead,» thinks it’s «a knee-jerk reaction» for people to threaten to quit watching.

Why I Stopped Watching The Walking Dead | The Confident

“Ugly” is a fitting description for The Walking Dead and the philosophy of deterministic meaninglessness plus the desperate search for freedom from the series’ horror that drives the show. Let me showcase three things that finally caused me to stop watching.

How to Quit ‘The Walking Dead’ | GQ

Now that The Walking Dead’s sixth season has ended in spectacularly infuriating fashion, it’s time. It’s time to end the goddamn madness and stop watching this awful show.

‘The Walking Dead’: 10 Reasons We Refuse to Watch Anymore

For a show that tries to have so many quiet, thoughtful moments, it’s shocking how The Walking Dead can be about so little at the same time. The hook of the series has long since gone from the

‘Walking Dead’ EP Addresses Fans Who Want to Quit After

If all the people who threatened to stop watching «The Walking Dead» over the years really did quit, the Season 7 premiere would not have had such knockout ratings.

The Walking Dead Quitter’s Club: goodbye for real – The Verge

Oct 24, 2016 · Contempt for its viewers is The Walking Dead’s greatest sin I can already hear the show’s defenders, and they are certainly out there by the millions, in spite of the way TWD treats its audience.

Quitting ‘The Walking Dead’? Greg Nicotero Has A Message

Despite being loyal fans for six seasons, there are several viewers who have declared they are quitting The Walking Dead. And to those fans, director Greg Nicotero has a message. And to those fans

Why tonight’s ‘The Walking Dead’ has me on the verge of

Really people, stop acting like the show is dead. Giving up on the show now would be like running 99% of a marathon then giving up just before you make it to the end.

Why You Should Stop Watching ‘The Walking Dead’ – Pajiba

But the problem is that The Walking Dead isn’t a story. It’s just a monotonous drone of people in pain. The fact that the writers are able to make you actually care about these characters while they torture them for your viewing pleasure shouldn’t be taken as a evidence that the show is any good as a story.

Why ‘The Walking Dead’ is dead to me – The Mercury News

We need to talk about “The Walking Dead” — so we can stop talking about it for good. I’ve finally quit the show. Cut all ties and plunged a knife into its skull. Maybe I’ll be back