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YOU ARE READING. Harry’s Twin (Harry Potter FanFic) Fanfiction. Harry has a twin. But nobody knows. Well, nobody except for Snape and Dumbledore. You see, when Snape went to the Potter’s house that night, he discovered a boy with a lightning scar crying in the crib, and a …

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Harry Potter’s twin Mitchell is mistaken as the BWL. So then Dumbledore hatches a plan to win the war against Voldemort, which means sending Harry to live with the Dursley’s. But he doesn’t quite get there, and he arrives at Hogwarts ready to rule the school.

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3. Harry Potter and the Pancakes of Ginny. It had been a week Harry got that letter from Parvati. It completely changed his world upside down. After the battle, he had lost all the contacts and friends (except the Weasleys).

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Harry Potter’s Twin *HP Fanfic Chapter 1 (Year 1) HollywoodUNdeadfan «Wake up Potter’s we’re going to the zoo!!» Its the same everyday. My cousin coming to the basement where Harry and I sleep and starts yelling at the top of his lungs. Today’s Dudley’s birthday so he is extra obnoxious this morning.

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Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin by The Sinister Man. Harry Potter was sent away to the Dursleys by his parents who were raising Jim Potter, the Boy Who Lived. Think you know this story? You have no idea. AU, Slytherin!Harry, WBWL. Currently in Year Two (Harry Potter and the Secret Enemy). NO romantic pairings prior to Fourth Year.

Top responsesRedditAwwwww yisssss linkffn(Harry potter and the prince of Slytherin)5 voteslinkffn(Saving Connor) sounds like the exact thing you’re looking for.3 votesIt’s a WIP and recently updated, linkffn(Twins: A Different Life). It also has the trope of super!Harry and raised by the Founders, but it’s actually not bad.2 votesIn case you cannot tell, I love this trope: linkffn( https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3780602/1/Invisible ), linkffn( … read more1 votelinkffn(squib by dhulli) I read it recently and thought it was pretty good.1 voteChapter 2 of linkffn(Harry Potter and the Something Something) has exactly what you’re looking for.1 voteSee all

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harry potters twin (a harry potter fanfiction) Fanfiction. 13 year old alena potter has no idea about any magic in her family. she has no clue shes a witch. she has no clue she has a twin brother! heck she doesnt even know her last name is potter! but she will soon find out all the answers to her questions

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Brooklyn Potter is the Boy who Lived’s twin sister, but is nothing like him. She was not effected by Voldemort’s power and is nothing like Harry Potter. She is more ambitious and a lot quieter.

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Oct 14, 2013 · Double Trouble (Harry Potter’s Twin) – A Wattpad Story by xonceuponatimex Max Potter was not just known for being Harry Potter’s twin. She’s The Girl Who Lived. Malfoy’s Sister *A Harry

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After Voldemort’s failed attempt at his life, one-year old Harry Potter and his twin sisters get teleported to an alternate world where Dumbledore was sorted into …

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James Potter/Lily Evans Potter; Harry Potter/James Potter; Sirius Black/Harry Potter; Sirius Black; James Potter; Harry Potter; Father-Son Relationship; Underage Sex; Top James Potter; Age Difference; Sex …

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A New Daddy for Harry Chapter 3 – The Interviews. February 12th had finally arrived. Despite Remus’ assurances that everything would be fine, Sirius was feeling nervous about his interview. He tried to distract himself from thinking about the interview by keeping busy. Sirius and Remus had child-proofed the …

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When he’s 11 years old, he’s so happy when his Hogwarts letter comes, finally, he’s able to prove that he’s just as good as his brother. But his parents have other plans. Follow Harry as he navigates the world of Slytherin politics and tries to make himself a home.

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Fanfic: The Dark Heir Ch 1, Harry Potter. Shadowed Malice by Oceanbreeze7 ( COMPLETED ) In this one, Lily and James were alive, Harry had a twin who were thought to be BWL, so he got neglected and ran away from home and became Voldemort’s heir. Fanfic: Shadowed Malice Ch 1, Harry Potter. The Dark Heir by Jessiikaa15

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Harry Potter a.k.a. the Boy Who Lived was unexpectedly removed from the home of his Muggle guardians on Feb. 12th. Sources close to the case have indicated that the Muggle couple, Vernon and Petunia Dursley are the subjects of a covert investigation …