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The Sims(TM) 3 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Shocky. Mar 30, 2013 @ 6:31am The Sims 3 constantly crashing I’ve installed the game on two different computers now, both of which have no issues with any other games or software. The Sims 3 crashes on them both.

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The Sims(TM) 3 > 综合讨论 > 主题 mine keeps coming up with see log for more details hope you get it working #4. monkeyt1t Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/DCCache/ After deletion try running the game again. #10. Marl Karx

Sims 3 keeps crashing [Solved] –

Jan 04, 2018 · personally I think they purposely started having sims 3 crashing so that everyone would have to upgrade to sims 4 (I’ve heard sims 4 doesn’t crash). simple marketing trick. Mine crashes all the time as well, It never used to up to about maybe 6 months ago.

83 Thank you Hey try right clicking the sims icon on the desktop and going to properties. Once you’re there go to the compatibility tab and change the format that the game runs in. I had it running on windows xp mode or something and so when I changed it to windows 7, I haven’t had a crash yet. hope this helps Thank you, sportiechick 83
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Go to Control panel
System and Security
Advanced System Settings
Performance > Settings
Data Execution Prevention
Then click the second option and turn off dep for sims launcher and expansions packs.151
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Yeah, that happens to me too, it usually happens to people on laptops so if you re doing that, it might be the reason, The Sims 3 is a powerful game unlike others, so it won’t be able to handle well on any system, it even crashes on $5000 gaming systems, the game is unstable and that’s Maxis’s fault, so it’s inevitable and nobody can help you, just blame EA and Maxis for making the game too powerful.16635 Thank you

All I had to do was close off my wifi, and it worked flawlessly!4328 Thank you

now that’s not true. you just need the right requirements to actually run it. the game often crashes because the ram or the graphics card or anything like that doesn’t support the game.3219 Thank you

I have an HP laptop running Windows 8.1 with an i7 processor and 16GB of ram and my game keeps crashing. It will run for a few minutes, then just close down all by itself. I know my computer has more than enough to be able to run this game, I’ve even tried updating the game and restarting my laptop. Not sure what is causing this issue.2114 Thank you

I used to run it on windows 8 and ran it on 8.1 for ages, however, the other day there out of nowhere it crashes every time I play it. So I updated my game and it still does it, nothing seemed to trigger it, it just crashed and has continually done so. Btw I have 800GB of RAM, so that’s not the problem169 Thank you

I have the same problem. I have an HP Envy 6 Sleekbook. I have my Sims 3 game installed and usually, after 15-30 minutes it will crash, telling me that it has stopped working and must be closed. I have tried multiple properties changes, as well as control panel changes. My only other guess is resolution, but I hate starting a game to lose my data. Anyone else have any other ideas?117 Thank you

I hyave all require ments that its needs and my game keeps crashing!107 Thank you

not enough ram12

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«If you are experiencing black screens, crashing or freezing while running The Sims 3, we recommend trying to run the game in Windowed Mode. While this fix is temporary, it might help resolve most crashing or freezing issues. To run your game in Windowed Mode, follow the steps below: • Launch The Sims 3.

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If The Sims 3 was the king of cashgrabbing, then the Sims 4 would be the emperor of the universe of cashgrabbing (despite the fact they removed the store filled with microtransactions). Mods don’t work too well. Origin only. _____ I would personally start off with The Sims 3 base game. If you like it consider buying The Sims 4.

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Sims 3 Keeps Crashing Around Thanksgiving, I bought and downloaded TS3: Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, and Into the Future. Before this, I had World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Showtime, and Supernatural.

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If you have recreated The Sims 3 folder numerous times with no success and you have reached this point, one last thing to try before going into the Hardware and System portion, is the Unlocker utility as shown in this thread.

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My Sims 3 game keeps crashing too. I have Windows 7 and it just started happening recently. I’ll be able to play for about 30 minutes and then the box with ‘Sims 3 has stopped working.’ ect. will

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Help! my sims 3 keeps crashing! stellasaurus Aug 1, 2013, 1:23 AM When I play Sims 3 every now and then a box pops up with the message: Sims 3 has stopped working.

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Hi, I just bought the Sims 3 starter today, but I keep getting crashes when I start a new game. I get an error that «the game stopped

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One problem that causes crashing is the Sims 3 using up your computer’s RAM. This is a problem for a lot of people that play Sims, and some ways to deal with it are to change all of the graphics setting for the sims to the lowest available option.

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Hello. I have all the expansions for the sims 3. About two years ago i bought a new desk top and the games ran fine. When i upgraded to windows 10 i have this huge problem where my game with crash.