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Steam Workshop :: Battlefield 3 AEK-971

Steam Workshop: Left 4 Dead 2. Well today i bring you the AEK-971, will replace the ak47 as it comes with custom sounds as well, and well i have nothing more to say i hope you guys like it or not, and so, i leave. In any case you

Steam Workshop :: AEK 971

Steam Workshop: Insurgency. Another texture by 11.11.11, great thanks to him for this brilliant work 🙂 Model included, no need to subscribe to the original one ===== Another update with better texture and s

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Steam 创意工坊: Left 4 Dead 2. Straight out of the depths of South Korea this collection here is your one place to get everything cso2. There will be ALOT more added to this including zombies, weapons, survivors and sound mods so p

Steam Workshop :: BF3 Aek-971

correct me if im wrong here, but i could of swore that in BF3 when your guy reloaded, that he would turn the gun on it’s left side, then with his left hand he would pull the chamber thing back to reload, just like he does with the AK-74M but then again i might be wrong..

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Steam 创意工坊: ARK: Survival Evolved. Sniper Rifle: Scoped Sniper rifle that only supports the new narcotic dart ammo. Can shoot regular darts if you install the mod on the line below: AmmoExtension fo

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steam创意工坊打不开怎么办 \windows\system32\drivers\etc 如果有玩家想要修改htsos,可以点击这里查看修改方法:steam修改htsos.

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Steam 创意工坊: ARK: Survival Evolved. FULLY CLEAN AND STACKABLE WITH ANYTHING! Mod ID: 592595740 This is an expansion of the Building Xtras Mod. It was once part of the mod but the mod size started to get pretty big so it was broken up

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Good Morning Jane! SO I started to look at the bug report page but it is way too long and I figured I’d just ask you. So I uploaded to the terminal 4 dinos. 1 Vanilla and 3 of your mod’s dinos.

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Hey your BF3 mods are realy cool, but i think this AEK fits more to the M16 Slot. In Battlefield this gun has 900 Rounds per minute. The AK is way to slow.

AEK-971 at Fallout New Vegas – mods and community

This mod adds in an AEK-971 into the game along with one modifications for it – an unfolded stock. It comes with unique static and sound entries, as well as having it added to the appropriate weapon, repair, vendor, and leveled lists.

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1、访问对应你饥荒版本的创意工坊页面。下面以单机版为例。 2、通过搜索、分类浏览等方式,找到你要下载的mod。

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尽量转工坊里国外玩家的MOD,国内玩家做的基本都能找到,steam版是放到文档里,大妈版不太清楚。 使用说明:

Terrorist Elimination on Steam

Terrorist Elimination is a hardcore fps. Buy guns and ammo in the store, use them to kill terrorist.

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