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vpn ecmp-hash-key—Determine how equal-cost paths are chosen (on vEdge routers only). By default, a combination of the source IP address, destination IP address, protocol, and DSCP field is used as the ECMP hash key to determine which of the equal cost paths to choose.

ecmp-resilient-hash – TechLibrary – Juniper Networks

CLI Statement. QFX Series. Enable resilient hashing for ECMP groups, to minimize remapping of destination paths.

show forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key – TechLibrary

CLI Command. EX Series,QFX Series. Display information about which packet fields are used by the hashing algorithm to make hashing decisions.

Which load balancing algorithm is used for ECMP?

ECMP algorithm is configurable with below command, and default is L3-L4. configure forwarding sharing [ L3/ L3_L4 ] So, Next hop decided by the result of combination of source/destination IP & source/destination L4 port number.

Hash based ECMP load balancing algorithm – Talentica

This blog explains hash based ecmp load balancing algorithm. populating a dictionary where key is host’s MAC address and value is a tuple consisting of switch and port with which host is connected. The Controller looks up in this dictionary to get the destination switch.

ecmp-limit – Viptela Documentation

omp ecmp-limit—Configure the maximum number of OMP paths that can be installed in the vEdge router’s route table.

What is the MX LACP and ECMP default load balancin – J

I know there is nobs which can be tuned under «forwarding-options hash-key» but none of those options seem to change anything. So, can someone definitively say what load balancing method is used for LACP and what is used for ECMP.

Juniper – Load Balancing | x443

Nov 03, 2011 · Load Balancing. Juniper routers offer three types of load-balancing options: Aggregated Interfaces (Layer 2) Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP) (Layer 3)

Source IP Hash load balancing – Server Load Balancer

Source IP Hash load balancing uses an algorithm that takes the source and destination IP address of the client and server to generate a unique hash key. This key is …

Juniper SRX BGP based ECMP not working as expected

layer-3—Incorporate Layer 3 (IP) data into the hash key. You must include the layer-3 statement. If you omit the layer-3 statement, the management process removes the hash-key statement from the configuration and the router behaves as if you specified layer-3.

Changing the Hash Algorithm – Dell

The default ECMP hash configuration is crc-lower. This command takes the lower 32 bits of the hash key to compute the egress port. This command takes the lower 32 bits of the hash …


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– Assign C hash buckets to random points on mod 2n circle; hash key size = n – Map object to random posion on circle – Hash of object = closest clockwise bucket • Desired features – Balanced: No bucket has disproporonate number of objects