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在收藏中查找 icono beneficios 张高清库存图片和其余几百万张免版税库存照片、插图和矢量图 Shutterstock。 Can Be Found Such Elements As Posting, Telephone Directory, Postal And Other. Like icon. Hand finger up sign. Thumb up symbol. Flat design style.

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在收藏中查找 pages flying from book 张高清库存图片和其余几百万张免版税库存照片、插图和矢量图 Shutterstock。每天添加几千张新的高品质图片。

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mobile 本身可以是形容词,表示移动的、非固定的,因此手机就是 mobile phone ,任何东西前面原则上说都可以加mobile,比如美国大片里常有的“移动指挥中心”,mobile command center 。

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SGU127 Telephone directory – ╮(╯ ╰)╭ 06-05 280 有一本电话簿,前两页是目录,每页可记录K条电话信息 现在有N条电话信息,要求按照号码排序,且电话号码首位不同的信息不能在同一页 问电话簿至少要有多 …

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telephone directory.电话号码簿;电话簿 电话号码薄;电话薄;电话使用指南 例句筛选 1. We looked out his address in, the telephone directory. 我们在电话簿里查到了他的地址。 2. Let me look it up in the telephone directory. 让我从电话簿里查查。


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telephone directory的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. a large book containing all the phone numbers for a particular area, organization, etc.2. a book containing the phone numbers for a particular area, organization, etc.: 。了解更多。

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telephone directory的中文意思:: speak to sb. over the telephone 和某人通电话。 You are wanted on the telephone. 请你去接电话。 by telephone 用电话。 call (sb.) on the telephone 给(某人)打电话。 call sb. to the telephone 叫某人听电话。 talk on [over] the telephone 打电话,通电话。

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Set Of 16 Simple Communication Icons. Can Be Found Such Elements As Postage Telephone Directory New-Come Letter And Other.

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The first 2 pages of the directory contain the name of the directory and instructions for agents, telephone number records begin on the third page. Each record takes exactly one line and consists of 2 parts: the phone number and the location of the phone.

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Telephone directories are a type of city directory. Books listing the inhabitants of an entire city were widely published starting in the 18th century, before the invention of the telephone. : Yellow Pages & White Pages Telephone Directory : Yellow Pages & White Pages Telephone Directory Bookmark this page Make my Start Page Tell a friend about 411.infoFind a PersonFind a BusinessReverse LookupMaps & Directions411.caRestaurants.USAmerican White & Yellow Pages Online Directory Reverse Lookup Dialing Alexa排名变动:↑76969 PR:0

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