Assessment of Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting by Large Health Care Organizations

Assessment of Environmental Sustainability and Corporate

Each large health care corporation was evaluated through a search of the main corporate website landing page or drop-down menu on the landing page and through Google search with corporate name and at least 1 of the following terms: sustainability, corporate responsibility, social responsibility, citizenship, or …

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For the study, «Assessment of Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting by Large Health Care Organizations,» authors analyzed 49 …

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Researchers assessed 49 large health care organizations to see what kind of sustainability reporting they do. The companies all appeared on either the Fortune 500, S&P 500, or lists of the largest charities, largest health care organizations, or largest state employers.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR

Sustainability is responsibility for the impact that the organization exerts on its surroundings, in business, environmental and social terms. Conscious management of the impact translates into lower costs, improved external relations and better managed risks.

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Corporate social responsibility reporting represents a growing commitment to publicly communicate environmental and social performance. International reporting standards exist for environmental performance indicators most notably through the Global Reporting Initiative, 6 and also the Carbon Disclosure Project 7 with participants representing nearly a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Assessment of Environmental Sustainability in Health Care

Healthcare organizations should set a standard in corporate social responsibility and encourage environmental sustainability, since protection of the environment implies the development of preventive measures in healthcare. Environmental concern has traditionally focused on manufacturing plants.

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In 1994, author and consultant John Elkington coined the concept “triple bottom line,” adding “people” and “planet” to “profit” as a new way to measure performance. That idea has influenced how organizations view sustainability today: as a union of economic, social and environmental responsibility.


Self-Assessment Questionnaire on CSR/ Sustainability for

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Sustainability is a process for companies to integrate social, governance, environmental and supply chain sustainability into operations and corporate strategy. This Self-Assessment Questionnaire is designed to be a first check of supplier performance on CSR/Sustainability.


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CAESER (Corporate Assessment of Environmental, Social and Economic Responsibility) provides organisations with a structured approach to engaging their suppliers on key areas of the sustainability agenda and enables the delivery

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About Sustainability Reporting Sustainability reporting enables organizations to consider their impacts of wide range of sustainability issues, enabling them to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.

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Also known as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report Sustainability Reporting a process that helps companies set goals, measure performance, and manage change as they move toward an economic model that produces long-term economic profit as well as environmental care and social responsibility

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For McKesson, corporate responsibility (CR) means better health for our planet and people everywhere. As a company, we’re working to use our economic, environmental, social and governance resources thoughtfully and responsibly.