How drinking red wine can help you have better sex

How drinking red wine can help you have better sex | Metro

We have a group of Italian researchers to thank for kick-starting research into red wine and sex, back in 2009.

The Best Alcohol For Great Sex? It’s Red Wine | VinePair

However, just as with women, a few too many drinks and all alcohol, including red wine, can have the reverse effect, lowering testosterone and decreasing the sex drive.

If You Want To Have Better Sex, Just Drink Some Red Wine

Apparently, if you want to have amazing sex and get a nice little buzz going on, you should reach for a bottle of red wine, because recent research found that people who drink moderate amounts of

This Type Of Alcohol Leads To Better Sex – Elite Daily

Low and behold: The answer when you’re trying to amp up your sex life? Look no further than drinking two glasses of red wine. It’s as simple (and savory) as that. Consider this on date night with bae.

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Apparently, red red wine does make one feel so fine and in more ways than a mellow ’80s reggae hit would have you believe.

Red Wine and Sex – Is Red Wine Really Good for Sex?

Whereas a little wine can boost your sex drive, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to impotence in most men. If you must drink, do it in moderation. Physicians have shown that a glass of red wine can offer adequate oxidants to fight free radicals and improve sexual desires and performance.

Studies Reveal Red Wine Is The Best Alcohol For Great Sex

A couple of studies have revealed that if you’re looking for a specific drink that actually does boost the sex drive in both men and women, red wine should be your drink of choice — not a pint

Bizarre Facts About Wine and Your Sex Drive | Wine Folly

Why is Wine and Sex a Thing? In 2009, an Italian research group published a study that showed a correlation of drinking wine –specifically red wine– increased the sexual appetite of women. The study queried 800 Italian women who drank red wine, other alcohol, or no alcohol at all.

What Alcohol Really Does to Your Sex Life | HuffPost Canada

Is your favorite drink blocking your ability to have an orgasm? A cocktail or glass of wine can help us to relax and even feel a little sexier. But does it actually result in better sex? Probably not.

12 Ways Red Wine and Other Alcohol Help and Hurt Your Health

A new study suggests that red wine can help prevent cancer, but another says that too much booze can be bad for your breasts.

Red Wine Linked To Female Sexual Desire– LifeStyles Condoms

A study performed in Italy that recorded data from 800 women aged 18 to 50 revealed that the compounds that are present in red wine may actually enhance levels of sexual desire in women more so than the chemicals found in other alcoholic beverages.