Urban Dictionary: Big Bang

Urban Dictionary: Big Bang

Big Bang is a South Korean K-pop band under YG Entertainment. They consist of five members: TOP, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung.Only Daesung’s name is not a stagename. G-Dragon (Kwon Ji’Young) is the leader and the second rapper.

Urban Dictionary: the big bang

Similar to docking and can be simultaneously be done in the act of docking, The Big Bang is the act of pressing two penises together head to head, masturbating, and producing a massive explosion of cum comparative only to the creation of the universe.

Urban Dictionary: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is the HILARIOUS show starring Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, the two physicists that share an apartment together. Across the hall lives Penny, the recognizable girl next door that Leonard is utterly intrigued by.

Urban Dictionary: Big Bang Theory

A term used when furiously masturbating on the toilet while taking a shit at the same time.

Urban Dictionary: Big Bang

In the big bang theory, the universe was a point of infinitely small and infinitely dense material.The universe started to expand, and as it expanded, time sped up, creating a seeming explosion in the size of the universe, but in reality the expansion rate is relative to the speed of time and the size of the universe. By this logic, time is

Urban Dictionary: Big Bang

The sexual act of oral sex when the male, or female, is eating a female out and suddenly pours a reasonable amount of Pop Rocks into the vagina, thus after licking the candy, the after effect is the sensational pleasure of nonstop crackling.

What does big bang mean in Urban Dictionary?

A korean band, known for their lyircs as well as their flow of music, such as «A Fool’s Tears» and «Always». The two rappers G-Dragon and TOP have made great rythms, as well as the three vocalist, TaeYang, SeungRi, and Daesung.

Urban Dictionary: bang

bang sex slang for sexual intercourse. Likely originated from the banging between the front of the male’s thighs and the woman’s buttocks when she is mounted from behind (submissive position).There is a degree of male aggression in this position.

Urban Dictionary: Bang Bang

Guy 1: look at that dudes red monkey jeans and bapes Guy 2: man all thats bang bang look the stars crooked and the jeans have the wrong tag

What does big bang theory mean in Urban Dictionary?

The scientific concept that invalidated atheism way back when. The top Bang principle affirms what religions instruct by providing research for a beginning regarding the universe.

What does Big Hoe mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does bang bang bang mean in Urban Dictionary?

a music video clip by a k-pop group labeled as big bang.the movie known by followers of k-pop since the ace within the hole. After two failing movie’s this dropped and k-posers collectively flipped shit at just how amazing it absolutely was.

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