Are Dates Good for You?

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Dates are a good source of many nutrients such as iron. Deficiency of iron causes anemia and intake of iron-rich foods help provide relief from it. However, there is a lack of research supporting the direct role of dates in treating anemia.

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If you’re trying to lose weight, stick to fresh fruits like apples and berries. The silver lining is that dates are the perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy without refined, added sugar.

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Creamy date butter can be made in any amount. It’s one of those recipes that changes each time you make it because the ingredients aren’t necessarily measured. You also can add other dried fruits such as raisins and/or prunes if you wish. The spice list can be altered to fit your own tastebuds.

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No you cannot eat as many as you want just because something is made with “healthy” ingredients…1 cup of dates has 400 calories and 1 cup of walnuts has 800 calories and while these ingredients are healthy ingredients and good for you as opposed to refined sugars and white flour…eating an entire pan of these brownies in one sitting would be 1,200 calories.

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Nov 21, 2018 · Despite their high sugar content, dates can be a healthy food for your diet if you stick with the recommended serving size. Common Types of Dates California and Arizona grow many of the dates found in U.S. markets.

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Well, it seems that dates are naturally rich in nutrition despite being rich in fructose, so there’s a trade-off. Some even consider dates the most ideal food.

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Improve Digestive Health. Dates contain a bunch of soluble fibers. Soluble fiber is essential for …